Tile Selections Looking For Laminate Flooring? Visit The Tile Gallery  The Tile Gallery in Wylie, TX 115 Ballard Ave. Wylie, TX 75098 (972)-567-6571 The Tile Gallery Sells Discount Tile and Installs Tile The Tile Store © 2012 More Laminate Selections At The Tile Gallery, we want you to know what your getting. by providing free information about laminate flooring, how it’s made and general care. A knowledge never hurts right? Laminate flooring was originally conceived by a Swedish company called Pergo which was originally a division of Perstorp AB, founded approximately 120 years ago. In 1923 Perstorp developed a process for producing decorative laminates for tabletops, an area in which they quickly dominated. The company thought of the idea for laminate flooring in 1977, and the first laminate flooring was launched in Sweden in 1984. Pergo then expanded its laminate flooring operations throughout Europe in the late 1980's through to the early 1990's. In January 1994 Pergo laminate flooring was introduced into 107 stores on the East Coast and Midwest of America. By the summer of that year it had proved an overwhelming success and had gone nationwide into 850 stores. In 1995 Pergo laminate flooring was introduced into the Asia / Pacific region, and in 2000 the company name was officially changed from Perstorp Flooring to Pergo Inc. During all of this time, other manufacturers saw the success of laminate flooring and soon started producing their own versions. The end result is a market full of so many products and variations, Due to its European success, laminate flooring is the fastest growing choice for flooring in America. Its low cost, durability, visual looks, and ease of installation, make it a great solution for those consumers wanting the looks of a real wood floor but require a cheaper alternative or simply one of the other many As previously mentioned, laminate flooring is available in numerous variations and styles. The most common theme for laminate flooring is to create the impression of real wood flooring but laminate flooring is also available to create an impression of tiles or stone. Originally laminate flooring had to be glued together and then left for 24 hours before the floor could be walked on. Many manufacturers now produce their own "glueless" laminate flooring that simply clicks together. This cuts the installation time by a hugh amount, and also allows the laminate flooring to be walked on immediately after installation. Contact Info Address: 115 N. Ballard Ave. Wylie, TX 75068 (972) 567-6571 Designed and Optimized By: Dallas Websites